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How to Build a Cheap, Sustainable Compost Heap from Recycled Materials

Building a Cheap and Sustainable Compost Heap from Recycled Materials

In three easy steps, we will show you how to build a cheap and sustainable compost heap, made out of recycled materials.


What you will need:

  1. Wooden Pallets (make sure they have been heat treated, not chemically treated. The initials HT wil be displayed on the pallet to indicate they have been heat treated, the video demonstrates this). 
  2. Wire
  3. Wire Cutters
  4. Pliers 


Where do I get Pallets from?

Pallets are often easier to get hold of than you may think. Local businesses (big and small) are always trying to get rid of them, so just go to the front desk and ask. Also, sites such as Facebook Market are always giving them away as either firewood or for garden use, such as compost building. You are often doing them the favour of getting rid of them. 


Step 1 - Position


When positioning your compost heap, there is more to take into consideration than one may think. You want to avoid the compost heap from getting too sodden, but equally avoid it from getting too dry also. You will also want to find somewhere that is nice and sheltered, to avoid harsh elements damaging either the construction or the compost material itself. 


When placing the pallets together, you will want to have them in a U shape, with the front left open for when we attach the final pallet as the door. Make sure to use the flatbed side within the inside of the compost heap, to avoid any spillage. 


Step 2 - Attaching the Wire


There are many tried and tested ways when building a compost heap out of pallets, with using nails for example. However, we believe that using wire is an easier method for all abilities to use, and can be easily replaced if a pallet begins to rot etc.   


When attaching the wire, you will want to secure the pallets together at the three main support sections as they sit in the U shape (the video clearly demonstrates this). You will feed the wire through each section then use the pliers to twist the wire so it is taught. Then cut any excess wire off with your wire cutters. 


Step 3 - Attaching the Door  


When placing the door on your new compost heap, you will just attach it as you did for the sides, but only attach at one side, so the wire acts as a hinge so you open and close it with ease.


To physically see how it is done, take a look at the video above where we show you exactly how to construct the compost heap.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please email