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How to Lay a Garden Path from Recycled Materials

Laying a Garden Path


One thing we can assure you Plant Pass members, is that at the Secret Gardening Club, we are not leading you down the garden path...well, maybe today!


This article and video will provide you with a cheap, durable, sustainable and natural way of building a garden path in no time at all. The video offers 5 Easy Steps, here, we detail that into 10. 


What you will need:

  1. Bricks/Stones
  2. Mating/Membrane/Carpet Underlay
  3. Sand
  4. Compost
  5. Gravel/bark/chippings 


Step 1


Put the kettle on, have a walk around your garden and have a think about where you might want your garden path to be. Have a quick watch of our Garden Plan 3 to get an idea on how to plan a garden path.


Step 2


For this step, if you have been following Helen’s project series you may have done this, but laying a membrane of some sort to kill off any undergrowth that may overtime completely take over your path wants to be laid before you start. Lay it in the rough area you want your path to be.


Step 3


From your plan, you now want to be marking your path with rope, bricks, stones...whatever you have that helps you follow your plan. Remember as I always say, the best plans will always change! 


Step 4


Now, you want to be levelling off the covered area with sand, to make sure any big bumpy areas are not so bumpy when it comes to laying your path. You don’t want too much sand, just enough so the area looks level. 


Step 5


Now, you've marked out your path and leveled off with sand, you will want to cut the membrane to shape following your markings.


Step 6


After cutting your membrane, you now want to be edging the path layout with old timber, logs, stone; anything you have to hand or would like. This will aid step 7!


Step 7


Laying your main structure of the path with bricks or stones gives the path some natural feels and support. As you will see from the video, I use bricks and put them in a semi formal layout. Lay yours however you want, just make sure there is space for gravel or bark chippings to fit.


Step 8


Now, you want to be filling the main large gaps between your edging, bricks/stones with sand to raise it up a little and provide stronger support. Around the edging, I will be adding compost mixed in with the sand to have some small plants growing, such as Sempervivum, to help soften the border. However, this is your choice.


Step 9


Now, you will be wanting to fill in the gaps with gravel. Make sure you fill every knock and cranny so when the path begins to settle, there are no weak nor bare areas. Push it down and level it off.


Step 10


Now, all you need to do is sweep over the path, make sure the gravel rests in all the right areas. Then, start using the path to make sure it is all settling in nicely.

There are lots of different methods to laying a garden path. Whether your budget is big or small, your style is el natural or smart and tidy, everyone has preferences. Please do use this method as a strong base to grow from.