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Initial Garden Planning

Initial Garden Planning 


This article, we will be looking at how to do your initial garden plan. The best garden plans are always changing and adapting, so don't worry if yours end up changing, as mine will too! 


What you will need:


  1. Paper
  2. Tape measure 
  3. Pencil
  4. Rubber!
  5. Tape measure
  6. Rule 
  7. Compass 


Step 1 - Measurements 


This step is crucial when coming to planning your garden. You will need to know the dimensions of your garden so you understand what your limitations are.


What you are measuring is the perimeter of the garden, and any fixed objects (such as trees and sheds that may be in situ that will not be moved). So, what you want to measure is the length, width and dimensions of any objects/obstacles too. 


You will want to be using your tape measure for this. You can use your own boot lengths if you are not going to be as precise.


Step 2 - Rough Sketch 


Now you have the dimensions of your garden, you will want to mark this down on your rough plan. So, get a sheet of paper (I always have more than one as mistakes will be made!) and roughly sketch out your dimensions and place the figures along the perimeters. Also, add rough positions of any objects such as sheds and trees. 


Step 3 - Position of the Sun


An important step that can be easily forgotten, especially on a gloomy day in winter, is knowing where the sun will be positioned. So, for this, on a Winter’s day especially, you will want to be using a compass to determine North and South. From that, you will then be able to determine the sun's path throughout the day. Be careful not to have anything metallic near your compass, like a tape measure or rule, as this can cause the direction to change.  


Step 4 - Scaled Plan


Now, you will be putting your rough plan into a scaled plan. So, if it is a bit grim outdoors, head in and get the kettle on. For this, you will copy over what you have already noted and just put them to scale so you can design your garden without any mistakes or by overestimating what you want to put in (we all do that!). Remember to place the sun’s path, by also shading in areas that may be shady.  


Step 5 - Adding Features/Basic Ideas


Now, you want to be adding existing garden features and new ones you may want to add too, such as a garden path, certain flower beds etc. Mark these on in areas you want them to be. Remember, these are not your final plans, they may change!

Now, it is time to start doing some research. What plants you will want, any building material such as gravel for a path you may need. Remember, as a Plant Pass member, you get unlimited 25% OFF all our products year round.


To physically see how it is done, take a look at the video above where we show you exactly how to do your rintial garden plan.


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