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Removing your Lawn/Turf in 3 Easy Steps - Option 1

Turf Removing - In 3 Easy Steps


Whether you have moved house and have inherited a jungle, or moved into your new build as a first time buyer and your garden looks like no man's land, to start prepping your garden, you will want to work with a blank canvas. 


This week, we will be looking at how to remove turf and weeds that have taken over your green space. In the video above, we use a technique that takes time and requires little physical effort. It is merely using material to cover the turf and weeds to reduce their sunlight which, in turn, will slowly kill both the foliage and roots.


What you will need for this:


  1. Scissors/stanley knife 
  2. Plastic matting (this can be anything you see fit, old carpets and carpet underlay is always useable too)  
  3. Weighted Objects 


Step 1 - Laying the Matting


In step one, you will be merely laying your matting. Make sure that you have enough matting to cover the whole space you want to cover. Make sure that you have also removed large roots and other objects before you start laying, so they do not become a trip hazard. As you go on you will want to be adding some weights to keep it in place; especially if it is windy!


Step 2 - Trimming 


By this point, you may have matting that is overlapping in places, or even maybe looking a little messy as the matting is flapping about. Take your scissors and simply cut ends off where they are not needed. You may also be trimming around outdoor objects like trees and sheds too. 


Step 3 - Tidying up and Weighting 


This step is really just making sure all areas are well covered that need to be and that you have also properly weighted down your matting so you do not have a Wizard of Oz scenario!


To physically see how it is done, take a look at the video above where we show you exactly how to lay the matting.


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