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Tulip Bulb Planting

Help From Helen: Sprouting Tulip Bulbs ready for Spring

Hello and welcome to Help from Helen. It's a little bit cold and miserable outside, and it's going to get frosty and snowy later in the week so I thought I'd turn our attention indoors.

We've got a fantastic range of tulip bulbs ready to flower for spring at the Secret Gardening Club, and they can be planted indoors or outdoors. Don't worry too much if you've missed planting new tulip bulbs in Autumn, because they're versatile. You can plant them in the ground or in pots now and you'll just get a later flower, as they don't mind that too much.

At the Secret Gardening Club, we have some that are starting to sprout out, ready for flowering. They will arrive in small 9cm pots, so I will be showing you how to put them in to a new larger pot, so you can have them indoors for a splash of colour.

The tulip bulbs from our website come with about three bulbs per pot, often more! We have a huge variety of tulips on offer, including Tulip 'Apeldoorn' -Potted Bulb-. I’ll be using about a litre and a half pot to plant these bulbs, I wouldn’t recommend anything less.

I am going to have these beautiful Tulips indoors, as I want a splash of colure for the house. You will want a saucer to place under your pot if you are keeping it indoors too, to assist with the drainage hole at the bottom.

I'm also going to be adding our Root Rocks to help with the drainage. I recommend putting about three in the bottom for this size pot (1.5 Litre) and then just top it off with a bit of soil, so they are nicely covered.

We are using our Lavender Mix Compost, which is great as it's multipurpose. It offers fantastic drainage to the soil and this is what the Tulips will want. The Lavender Mix Compost does come dry, so you will want to moisten this off a little bit to begin with so the Tulips are not going straight into dry soil.

The Tulip bulbs are already growing so we don't need to plant them as deep as you normally would if they were just bulbs. When planting your sprouting Tulip Bulbs, you want to create indentions in the soil. I will be making three indentations for my bulbs so they sit nicely spaced out.

When taking the pot away from the bulbs, gently tease them out a little bit. As they Come apart, you may get an extra one or two bulbs. As you tease them out of the pot, don't worry if you lose all the soil, just spread them out a little bit. If you don't want to rip the bulbs completely apart, just spread them apart a little bit and they can go in just as they are.

As you have now placed the sprouting Tulip bulbs in your pot, you do not want to completely cover them up. You want them to slightly poke through, so make sure they haven’t been buried too deep.

If the soil's quite dry, give them good water. You might want to give some plant feed to your newly planted Tulip bulbs to encourage strong growth and good floweing. When picking a position in the house to put them, make sure it’s a nice sunny position, like a south facing window sill. If you do want to pop them outside, bear in mind that it is still very cold outside for their sprouting stems, so I would leave it at least another four week, looking ahead into March at the weather to pick your moment.

To find out more about our products, know how’s and top tips, check out our website: today.

Check out the video for more info and a demonstration!

Keep Warm, Keep Safe and Keep Pottering!


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