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Gardening Hub

Welcome to our 'All things Gardening' hub

What is the hub we hear you ask? Well, our gardening team have put their minds together and created some very helpful & varied videos to assist you in and around your gardens. 

Simply click on the 'video title' you'd like to watch and enjoy! 


Video Library 

Video Title


Mud Mate

A garden must have!

Garden Planning 2021

What to do in your garden - Winter 2021 edition

Tulip Bulbs

Get ready for Spring with Tulips

Wild Garden Sack

An in depth look at our Wildlife Sack

Thyme to go Indoors

How to Grow Thyme indoors

Three Tier Planter

Making the most of your Planters

Carex Grass

How to plant and where to buy


Late Flowering Daisy's 

 Daffodil Bulb Planting 

How to Plant Daffodil Bulbs 

Guzmania Tempo  

How to Plant Guzmania Tempo 


Aracarier House Planting 

How to Plant Aracarier House Plant