Planti: Grow Anywhere. Any time.

The ecological garden watering solution.


Eco- Friendly

Our Planti cubes are made from recycled plastic, saving the planet and your garden, one eco-friendly cube at a time!

If you've ever struggled to grow anything in your garden, then our Planti cubes are just the ticket! They enable you to grow in your garden, no matter what your soil condition!

Just Enough
Say goodbye to your old watering systems! Our Planti cubes ensure that your plants get the right amount of water, say goodbye to any casualties down to over watering or plants drying out!

Saving your Garden & the Planet

The Eco-Friendly, Effective Garden Watering system.

Customer reviews

Ameila Thaines

"A truly incredible product! I was slightly hesitant at first, I have tried so many options to grow lavender in my garden, with zero success as I have a heavy clay soil, which lavender can't stand! I thought I'd never have the joy of lavender in my garden again, but, after using Planti, I'm pleased to report Lavender is thriving in my garden! I couldn't be happier and I would certainly recommend Planti"

Jake Scott

""We finally got around to organsing our garden after moving into our new home last year. After leaving behind a garden where anything would grow, we were at a bit of a loss in our new garden which sadly didn't have the same fantastic soil. Thankfully, Planti has allowed us to create the garden we want and it is nice to know that we're doing our bit for the environment as well. "