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Drainage issues solved with stunning results.

Planti are designed to help manage one of the biggest challenges gardeners encounter: water supply. Simply placing Planti directly into soil ensures the perfect water supply for your plants.

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The Plank

 Planti planks are for longer stretches of garden.
Placed 2-3 inches under turf, the planks draw water from the surface and distribute it rapidly to any problem areas.

The Cubes

Same as the plank but smaller!
The cubes are designed to be directly placed in a plant pot or a small area of soil.
They work in the same way as the plank to manage water supply to the plant.

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The Effects of Planti

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The Problem

Waterlogged soil suffering damage due to improper drainage.

The Solution

Planti Planks are installed beneath the soil helping the lawn to drain properly and allowing it to recover. A glorious and long-lasting result.

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The Green Solution to Water Management

Planti is manufactured in the UK from recycled plastic that would otherwise go to landfill.
The compressive strength of the cubes enables them to remain open even in the most challenging environments.

How it Works

Planti are designed to be porous.
They absorb the water quickly and then release it slowly. This means the plants drink up the water as they need it, rather than whenever you water them. Therefore your plants require less watering and only half the amount of compost is required.

                        Put simply, Planti offers a drainage solution that allows plants to grow easily   
                                                         saving you money, time and resources.

The Technical Stuff

Installation Guide