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Three Tier Planter


Help From Helen: Planters

Hello and welcome to Help from Helen on a very rainy wintery day. I've got something wonderful to show you this week. We have been busy over winter with our new wonderfully handmade wooden planters, that come in a seven different designs, shapes and sizes, all guaranteed to be a great addition to your garden, balcony, or yard!

The planters already come with drainage holes at the base. The design of all of our planers means that they are unique and so really the planting design is left up to you.

The one I show you in the video is great, as it’s got some real height to it. I have some really nice ideas of the types of plants you could put in, for example, Thyme plants that you can put in to start building your own herb garden, or you might want something taller maybe like a, or even something that trails and hangs down from the planter. All I can guarantee would be a fine addition to your outdoor space! So, we have a generous range of planters that are available from our website: and They range from £27.99 all the way to £39.99. Check them out!

Check out the video for more info and a demonstration!

Keep Warm, Keep Safe and Keep Pottering