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Wild Garden Sack


Help From Helen: Wildlife Sack

Hello and welcome to another Help From Helen. Today we're going to be showing you our Wildlife Sack. This is great for all the family and allows the kids to be outside having fun during lockdown. Let's dive inside our sack and see what we have. There are plenty of treats inside out Wildlife Sacks for the birds band other wildlife you find in your garden. 

Let’s see what we will find!

There is Hedgehog food, so you can sprinkle the food just before dusk and then you can hide inside by looking out the window to watch them come and nibble.

There is also some Wild Bird seed. This can be sprinkled in all sorts of places. You can put them in bird feeders and on the ground, along walls or on tables. Wherever you see them in your garden. Birds of all species often feed at different heights, so will prefer nibbling the food in different places, so keep an eye out!

We also have some Squirrel food! Those little rascals are always fun to watch in your garden. You can pop these almost anywhere you like really. Maybe try to put them on higher ground, or all around the base of trees as this will help them out a little bit.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the bees! Our Bee nesting/hiving tubes can be placed in almost all sorts of places, such as our wooden handmade nesting box:

We also throw in some lovely wild flower seeds to spruce up your garden for all the local wildlife, to make it a real haven for them this summer.

These goodies for your local wildlife, now come in a lovely traditional hessian sack which is so useful for all sorts of bits and bobs around the garden and house.

For just £29.99, you get everything in the Hessian sack, and for an extra £10, you can also purchase a bird nesting cabin. The cabin is perfect in keeping the birds all nice and cosy during the winter. Buy throwing in the Bird nesting cabin, you can get all of this for just £39.99!

However, that is not all! We also have a fabulous bird nesting box, handmade by us out of timber that allows you to create a small bee hive for wild bees, a bug B&B plus so much more! Check out the video to see how to use it.

Check out the video for more info and a demonstration!

Keep Warm, Keep Safe and Keep Pottering.