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UK gardening is local

We do not have vast ranging zones like the US. The unique microclimates of our country mean that plants that grow well in Devon may not fare very well in Lancashire.  This is why we have introduced our county gardening by our local experts. So that local people can get the local gardening information they need.

Each UK county has an expert (it could be you!) who every week writes and provides information for local readers on topics such as:

Local Gardening News
Local Open Gardens
Local Gardens To Visit
Local Weather Updates
  • What is In It For You?

  • 50% commission on all plant passes sold in your area
  • 50% commission on advertising within your county page
  • Free plant pass membership
  • What will you earn?
  • This really depends on how much work you are willing to put in. We have some experts who earn upto £2,000 per month whereas others see it as a side job and earn about £500 per month.
  • What We Offer

  • 50% commission on all plant passes sold in your area (paid every week on passes sold with postcodes in your county)
  • 50% commission on advertising within your county page (paid every month from local adverts within your county guide)
  • Free Plant Pass membership
  • Exclusivety for your County
  • Example Earnings

  • Monthly Earnings for Staffordshire Expert
  • 67 x 52 Week Plant Passes sold = £334.33
  • 11 x 4 Week Plant Passes Sold = £10.89 
  • 3 x Local Adverts Listed = £75
  • Total earning for the month = £420.22

When Am I Paid?

Payments are made every Monday morning for the previous week.

How Much Can I Earn?

Weekly earnings are reflected by how much work you put in. You can see example incomes by clicking here

How Much Work Do I Have To Put In?

This is entirely down to you. We ask for a minimum of 500 words of copy each week (approx 1 hour) to maintain your position as the local expert. After that, it is upto you. We find though that the more news/photos/articles people write the more local visits the website receives and therefore more plant passes and adverts sold. Ultimately meaning more commission for you!

What Qualifies As A Sale?

Any plant pass sold where the billing postcode is within your county will count as a sale and 50% commission will be paid to you.

How Long Before I Start Earning?

Short Term: If you take some of our offline materials (posters / flyers etc) and start spreading the message through word of mouth you can expect to see earnings in your first week.

Long Term: By writing a minimum of 500 words per week, website traffic to your articles will gradually increase over the coming weeks and months and you will see earnings rise as you write and post more. One of the best things about adding content is that a year from today, a visitor may read your post and buy a pass meaning you receive commission for something your wrote 12 months previously.


Minimum Requirements To Be A Local Expert:

  1. Be a gardener :)
  2. Live in the county you apply for.
  3. Write 500 words per week on local gardening topics of your choosing.

Whilst the above are the minimum we ask for we highly recommend adding many more articles / photos every week to your county guide if you wish to make a good income. More local articles / content drives more local website visits which in turns drives more plant pass sales and advertising.

It is not just online that we can help you with. Offline in the real world we can provide you with promotional materials and sample packs to ensure you can spread the message.


We can provide you with posters / flyers and leaflets (supplied at cost price to us)

We can provide you with sample plant packs (supplied at cost price to us)


We can provide you with guidance on what type of articles / photos work well for driving website traffic.

We can show you how to share links and articles on Facebook and Twitter and increase their reach so more people see them.


We can show you how to set up advertising accounts on Google and Facebook to help drive even more website traffic.