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The Goodwill Pass - 50% off every order across 8 brands!

Goodwill Pass:
Goodwill Pass

What is The Goodwill Pass?

With the Goodwill Pass you will receive a unique discount code that entitles you to 50% off every order placed throughout the year across EIGHT brands! Plus you save £3 on postage and packaging on each order.- usually £6.99, pass holders get for just £3.99 at

50% off everything across 8 brands at The Goodwill Pass -

Secret Gardening Club
Down to Earth Wine
My Dogs Box
New Running Gear
Yorkshire Lavender - (admission only)
The Goodwill Hamper Company
Evelyn Jessica

50% off everything across 8 brands at The Goodwill Pass -




    1. Place your order for the Goodwill Pass as normal

    2. You will receive two emails. One confirming your order, and a second containing a unique discount code. Use this code for all subsequent orders at checkout in the gift card or discount code box and you will receive 50% off your entire order for a year

    3. Enjoy!


    The Discount is only redeemable when used by the email account holder, specified at purchase of the Pass. Any orders placed with shared codes will be cancelled.